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Whether you call them porta-potties, portaloos porta johns porta potties porta janes or portable potties, portable toilets have been the go-to solutions for outdoor relief for decades.

The modern-day porta-potties are clean, safe, eco-friendly and durable. This makes it a great option in any special event. Today, the modern porta potty unit is eco-friendly, sustainable, safe and clean. You will be providing guests convenience while sparing your home plumbing a lot of use when you host a special event.

BBB Portable Toilet Solutions serves and helps thousands of customers with porta-potties monthly. This comprehensive porta-potty rental guide will take you through the steps for choosing the right type of portable toilet for your event. The guide will also include various steps like what kinds of events porta-potties are good for, features available in the porta-potties, placement tips and so much more.

Portable Restroom Rental For All Kinds of Events

Portable Bathroom Rentals are the cheapest, most comfortable choice for a lot of different events and outdoor sites which include:

  • Running competitions and race events

  • Beaches

  • Parking lots

  • Construction sites

  • Golf courses

  • Parades

  • Disaster support

  • Sports competitions

  • Auctions

  • Outdoor markets and flea markets

  • Recreation areas

  • Lawn parties

  • Fairs

  • Campgrounds

  • Carnivals

  • Outdoor events

  • Concerts

  • Sport Arenas

Why You Should Rent a Porta-Potty

The most common excuses you hear for not renting a portable restroom is that there are public bathrooms already available, you’re told that the porta-potties are too expensive, its a bother to get them, etc

If you still don’t know why you need a portable rental bathroom, here are a few reasons why :

Ineffectual Bathroom amenities

With most events and worksites having very few permanent restrooms for their guests, you will see long lines to the restrooms and unhappy guests. What’s also worse is that, as the guests continue to use the permanent bathrooms, the bathrooms, become dirty and the toilets begin to clog.
Having issues like that will make the people miserable.

The Law

if you run a construction site, or any other job, without permanent restrooms, you might want to know about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) hygiene standards which require businesses to provide toilets to employees.
The law also details the number of restrooms you should have, ADA compliant restrooms, and bathroom by gender. The OSHA website has all the information you need about the portable restrooms laws

Control Crowd movements

The benefits of managing where your guests use the restrooms are incredibly significant. Yo obviously don’t want restroom lines obstructing entrances, blocking sight lines or barring crowd movements in any way. Take advantage of the fact that porta-potties are portable so that you can place the porta-potties in a few convenient spots and positions with fewer people walking by.


Will you be serving food or alcohol at your event? If the answer is yes, then you might want to have porta-potties in your event as well. The reason is that eating food and drinking alcoholic beverages will increase the number of times a person will use the bathrooms. If you don’t have enough portable restrooms, then you will have a very messy dilemma.

Being A Great Host

Porta-potties are much more than just a place to use the restroom. Portable toilets allow users to have a private place like parents who want to change their kids soiled diapers. They also allow people to freshen up and even clean their hands. It is always a good idea to treat your guest well and provide such services to them.

Porta-potty types: What type of rental should You get?

The type of portable outhouse solution that works best for your requirements depends on various factors. Various kinds of porta-potties can have completely different costs, and some types are suitable for entirely different events. Here are three things you have to consider when choosing the best portable toilet for you:

What’s your Budget?
How many people are you expecting at your event?
What are your guests’ expectations?

If you are planning for a wedding in the outdoors, for example, you expect your guest to have formal attire, and they will expect high-quality bathrooms. And assuming that you will have at least 150 guests and your budget is higher than usual then the recommended portable toilet is the luxury bathroom trailer. The luxury trailers will meet your guests’ expectation and will also keep the lines short.

If you will be hosting a concert, which might probably have hundreds or thousands of guests, then the recommended portable toilet is the standard porta-potties which you can rent dozens of them for the cheap and also keep your guests satisfied.

With the few examples, you the idea of how to choose the best portable toilet for your needs. Most portable restroom rentals are usually grouped into the following categories:

General Types

Standard types

Your average single portable toilets. They don’t flush or have many, but they can be rented at low rates and in large amounts.

luxurious Flushable

The luxurious/ deluxe flushable porta potty is like the standard porta potty, but the bathroom is flashable. Includes the restroom is a few extras such as a hand wash dispenser and a sink.

Construction type (High Rise, Crane Hook, or Rollable)

High-rise/Rollable/Crane Hook/Construction porta-potties are standard portable toilets, but these ones have wheels making them movable around construction sites. Crane hook portable toilet are like standard porta-potties but have metal hooks that cranes can use to carry them into buildings.

Towable Porta-Potty

A towable portable toilet is a single unit fixed on top of a trailer. It is light and easy to tow.

Portable restroom trailer

Portable Bathroom Trailer which is the best quality compact restroom in the market. It comes in a single or multi-unit style with lighting, flushable toilets, running water and much more.

ADA Compliant or Wheelchair Accessible

A sizeable portable toilet which serves guests with wheelchairs. Extra features include anti-slip flooring and handrails.

Environmentally Friendly (green)

There are various types of green, eco-friendly porta potties in multiple models and sizes. They produce little waste and use environmentally friendly chemicals.

Solar powered portable toilets
Solar portable restroom rentals offer the comfort of restroom trailers in smaller units. They use sunlight to power flushable toilets, ventilation, running water and much more.

Portable restroom extras

Portable Handwashing Sinks

Portable Handwashing sinks are portable sinks situated near portable toilets. They have built-in water tanks; a water source is not needed.

Stations for changing baby diapers

These Baby changing stations can in the form of tables which are inside a standard portable toilet or an encircled unit only for parents. Usually, restrooms are not included in the latter. TThe most commonly available is the standard pota potty with the table, but the other one is more popular with parents.

Hand wash Dispensers

Hand wash dispensers are a cheap option to rent although they don’t provide the same comfort as Handwashing Stations.
A less expensive option is to rent hand sanitizer stations. They’re cheaper, though they don’t offer the same peace of mind.

Paper towels

Several types of paper towel options are available. The paper towels can be placed inside the portable toilets or outside the handwashing stations


Mirrors are commonly fixed inside of portable restrooms. You may also use mirrors in handwash stations.

Air Conditioning and heating

Because standard porta potties do not have Air conditioning or heating so if you want to get those features, you will need to rent out the deluxe/luxury bathroom trailers.


There commonly two choices for electric porta-potties, one is the restroom with electrical outlets, and the other option is solar powered restrooms.

How many portable toilets do you need?

One of the most frequent questions we get is, “How many portable restrooms should I get for my event?”
It all depends on the type of event you are having and the size of the special occasion you are hosting. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding how many porta potties you want for your event.

  • The number of guest attending the event

The more guest you have you have, the more restrooms need to be available. A good measurement is one porta-potty for 50 people. That means that if you have 200 people at your event, then four portable restrooms will be sufficient.


  • How long is your event?

The longer the event, the more portable restrooms should be available. Guests on average will use the bathroom once every three hours. A small party will need about two toilets but a large party that lasts for a long duration of time will require more portable restrooms.


  • How many women are attending your event?

If half of your guests are women, you will need to consider adding more porta-potties. Maybe add one or two porta-potties to provide for your female guests.


  • Will your guests be drinking alcohol?

Alcohol makes guests use the restroom 35-45% more often. If your event will serve alcoholic drinks, then you should consider adding more porta-potties because yore guests will use the toilets more often.

  • Do you have permanent structures?

If your guests will be able to use permanent restrooms and facilities then you can reduce the number of porta-potties you will need. But you have to make sure that the permanent restrooms will be accessible during the event

Tips for Location & Placement of Porta Potties

Porta-potty spots should be marked clearly at the event or construction site.

They should also be easy to get to, located where people walk through the most and the lines that form should not block traffic of people walking through in the event.

If the porta potty is a construction site, the restrooms should be evenly spread out to make o=it easier for the construction workers to find them.

It is advisable to place the porta-potties near foods and drinks stand so that guests can wait in line as they wait for others to use the restrooms.


Always place the porta-potties on solid ground. You should avoid placing them on soft ground and dirt.


Make sure the porta-potties are placed in secure areas to avoid theft destruction or damages to the portable restroom rentals.


BBB Portable Toilet Solution can help you decide where to place the units if you have no idea where to set them so that the porta-potties are comfortable and convenient to use

Porta Potty cleaning Service

One of the most worries renters are concerned with is how clean the porta-potties are. Propper hygiene and services are necessary to keep your guests happy and satisfied.
For significant events, you might need to pump and service the units once or even multiple times a day.
For construction sites, you may only schedule the service once a week or twice a month. You can even plan to use the service monthly is the use is not that much.

Make sure your cleaning service has periodic cleaning for the units.

Make sure the service provider you choose has the following regular services planned.

  • Make sure that the service provider has Paper towels

  • Make sure hey also provide cleaning liquid for the porta-potties

  • Do they have septic tanks for pumping and cleaning

  • Do they have a variety of soaps for cleaning

  • Do they provider Urinal sanitation

  • Make sure they have enough Toilet paper for the duration of the event

  • Enough water for cleaning

  • Do they provide Interior hygiene especially for the walls?


How much are the porta potties?

You may think that the porta-potties are really expensive, but it’s not what you might think
The price is determined by the type of units you’re ordering and how long you’re renting the units. Usually, the cost is charged weekly and monthly.

You should be precise when ordering your porta-potties so that you can get the right price that you want.
Here are some the factors that can influence the price of the units you order:

  • The type of portable restroom you want
  • The how long you want to rent the porta-potties
  • The distance in which the porta-potties are going to be delivered
  • The number of cleanings you wish for the portable toilets
  • And all the extra features that you want for the portable restroom rentals.

Now that you know everything you need to know about portable restrooms you can easily make an informed choice on what type of portable toilet you want. So if you want the best portable toilet rentals for your events or for your construction sites, weddings or any other outdoor event you can trust BBB Portable Toilet Solution for the best, cleanest, comfortable and the most reliable services you can find.


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